Our history of masculine-driven actions has brought us to the precipice, and it is impossible to deny that our social structures, for human and nature alike, are untenable. It is imperative that we find more balanced ways of being. Through powerful and intimate expressions of femininity that delve beneath the surface to encourage and validate deep emotionality and the strength in vulnerability, I celebrate what has been culturally sidelined as ‘feminine’. In this, I seek more nuanced and inclusive expressions of gender and power that embrace the full and infinite spectrum and variety.

My most recent work is part of an ongoing musing on the myth of Persephone and Hades, which feels particularly apt during the fall season, and which has come more intensely into focus for me during the recent Ford/Kavanaugh hearings. This work is about the deep wounds and dysfunctions we are grappling with as a society around how we relate to each other sexually, emotionally, and politically. It’s about finding ways to heal my own and all women’s -all peoples’- traumas. It’s about my desire to have ever more compassion for everyone, including the ‘oppressors’. It’s about continuing to love fiercely, joyfully, and playfully, even while expressing anger and outrage; to hold many paradoxes together, at once. It’s about the riches we compost from the muck, the jewels we find in the underworld and in embracing our shadow - the shadow that, like it or not, we are vigorously confronting as a collective.

In my paintings and murals, I use color and physicality to express visceral emotion and felt experience. My process is intuitive, expressive, and gestural, and informed by my background in movement and dance as well as an acute sensitivity to color.  I have a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, in Bronxville, New York, where I studied painting, dance and literature. I also attended Oxford University, Oxford, England, and studied Movement Based Expressive Arts at the Tamalpa Institute in Marin County, California. I am a founding member of the Humboldt Artists Guild. I exhibit work both nationally and internationally and am included in various private collections. In addition to painting, I bring my life-long study of body-centered practices to my Embodied Abstract Painting Workshops, in which I facilitate deeper connection to authentic creativity through movement-inspired painting. I live and work in Eureka, with my dog Lula, my cat, Johnny Cash, and a beautiful herd of chickens.