Through my paintings I’m interested in conveying and evoking what it feels like to be alive- deep emotionality and the complexities of lived, moment to moment existence. I want to convey physicality and felt experience through visual rather than literal means. I avoid any specific narrative. I hope instead to trigger varied and individual responses- memories, experiences, thoughts, feelings, desires and sensations- in each viewer, and perhaps even with each time viewed.

In my most recent work I explore powerful, explosive femininity and it’s role in this fraught moment in time where it seems that our masculine-driven actions as a human race have brought us to the precipice.  I am struck by the fact that in my lifetime we have doubled our human population as we have simultaneously halved the vertebrate population. These forces are mythic in proportion and also very real. In myself, in my work, in the world, I seek a more balanced expression of feminine and masculine, intuition and intellect, and a validation of the whole.